Criteria for Proposed Names:

1. Any proposed names should be taken from:

    * The Most Holy Trinity
    * Our Lord Jesus Christ, invoked under a mystery of his life or under his name as used in the liturgy             or Scripture
    * The Holy Spirit
    * The Blessed Virgin Mary under a given title already found in the liturgy
    * The holy angels
    * A saint from the list found in the Church’s calendar of memorials and feasts
    * All names of those who are beatified or named “blessed”

2. It is preferable not to choose a name that is already used many times in the diocese. Also names that are being used by other denominational churches in our area, for example, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Chicora.

3. Hyphenated names of current parishes are not permitted.

4. Each proposed name must be submitted with rationale. The person submitting the proposed parish name MUST include his/her name on the form or it will not be accepted for submission.

Forms are due by July 7, 2020.

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* 1. Proposed Name

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* 2. Rationale for the proposed name:

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