The pharmaceutical manufacturing business and associated regulatory landscape is complex and consistently evolving. As a result, the challenges and opportunities are great. Huron Life Sciences works with a large number of clients to overcome hurdles and uncover the opportunities, enabling companies to optimize performance while mitigating compliance risk.

Frequently, we are asked what general industry trends and norms are employed, in terms of people, process, and technology, to meet these challenges. Specifically, what organizational and software approaches are being used to address the compliance and operational requirements for contracting and pricing as they relate to doing business with state and federal government programs? Commercial and government contracting, government pricing calculations and reporting, and the management of Medicaid claims seem to be areas of particular interest.

This survey is designed to benchmark these data points, and others. All respondents will receive a copy of the survey results, however individual responses will be kept confidential. The demographic information is collected only for follow up purposes and to share the anonymous results once the data is analyzed. Individual companies and their responses will not be identified.

If you have any questions while completing the survey, please contact Mark Linver at

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