1. Government Contracting in Arizona

The Alliance needs your help to tell the specific stories of nonprofit experiences with government contracts in Arizona. Also, we are looking for nonprofit leaders to work with us to develop solutions in partnership with government and community leaders.

Please answer each of the following questions pertaining to your organization’s overall experience with pending or executed contracts with the State of Arizona or with local governments in Arizona.

* 1. For each of the contracting issues below, indicated the level of significance of the issue for your organization on a 5-point scale. The scale measures the extent to which you have experienced the issue and how much it is a problem for your organization. The scale from 1 to 5 means the issue: 1) has never occurred; 2) occurred once in the past two years; 3) occurs occasionally with your government contracts; 4) occurs frequently with your government contracts; or 5) occurs at a level that makes this issue a major problem for your organization.

  1 2 3 4 5
a. Late payments – later than allowed by the contract (e.g. if payment must be made within 60 days, you are paid later than 60 days)
b. State or local government dollars not covering the full cost of services contracted for (e.g. if the contract “fully” pays for a service for clients at a reimbursable rate of $80, when the full cost to you is actually $100)
c. Timely contract processing or renewal
4.State or local agency required changes in contract after execution (e.g. after signing the contract, you learned that the agency requires you to travel to meetings, but the costs were not included in your budget)
d. The complexity and time required for reporting on contracts
e. The complexity and time requirement by the proposal process (when you first responded to an RFP)

* 2. For the issues you identified above, rate the extent to which the problem has created financial stress for your organization, on a 5-point scale. The scale measures the extent to which your organization’s services and financial health are affected. (Select only one answer)

* 3. Which if any, of the following actions has your nonprofit taken in 2010 that you feel is attributable in part or whole to your state or local government contract or payment situation? (check all that apply)

* 4. Please share with us any specific examples of issues you have faced with state or local government contracts. (You will have the option of keeping this information confidential, if you wish to name the specific agencies involved in the issue.)

* 5. Do we have your permission to use the examples in Question 4 above as Arizona case studies on this issue? (If you do not give us permission, we will not identify your organization or the government agency, but only use the information aggregated as part of the overall survey. The confidentiality of your individual situation will be protected.)

* 6. Indicate the extent to which your organization relies upon government contracts in your overall budget. Do government contracts comprise: