Nomination for the Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development, 2018

ForĀ 18 years The Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development has awarded people or organisations for outstanding performance and achievements towards a sustainable future. Example of award winners are Al Gore, Kofi Annan, Gro Harlem Brundtland and this years winner the chilean architect Alejandro Aravenas.
Welcome to nominate a candidate for the Gothenburg Award 2018, that will be focusing on:
Sustainable production through innovative collaboration between stakeholders for resource- or energy savings.
We are searching for examples where there are documented results of sustainability performance improvements, for example from industrial symbiosis, blue economy or other forms of collaboration.

* 1. Who or what project do you wish to nominate? Name the candidate.

* 2. Describe the person/organization and their contribution for resource and energy efficiency through innovative collaborations.

* 3. In what way does this candidate stand out? Why is the candidate worthy of the award?

* 4. Describe the impact, in what way has their work made a difference?

* 5. Where can we find more information about the candidate/organization/project?

* 6. Anything else you think we should know when researching this candidate?

* 7. Do you wish to be anonymous?

* 8. Your contact information (at least one)

The jury of the Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development will review all nominations and choose the most interesting candidates for a more thorough research. The winner will be announced before july 2018 and the Award ceremony will take place around november 2018. For more information: