Welcome to the FAA's External Data Access Initiative Feedback Form

We have the data, you have the fresh ideas. Let's bring them together. 

We would like to hear from you. What types of aeronautical data would you like to receive as part of our External Data Access Initiative? 

We want to provide the public with FAA aeronautical data, to the extent permissible under law, to spur the development of innovative applications that advance the aviation industry. Our objective is to challenge individuals and organizations with fresh ideas to develop aviation products, using certified data, which fulfill an unmet need in the market and/or move the industry forward. 

This short survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with you input. 

If you would like to contact a member of the External Data Access Initiative team directly, please email EDAI@faa.gov.

DISCLAIMER: This solicitation of information is not intended to represent that the FAA will provide access to the data requested as identified in response to the survey, or that the FAA will acquire any new product created for the aviation industry as result of any data made available to the public.  In addition, no confidential or proprietary information should be entered into the system.   
OMB control number: 2120-0746