Thank you for completing this survey.

Your answers are confidential and will be used by Goodwill to better serve you.

* 1. Architecture

  Yes No Not Sure
Goodwill's building is easy for me to get in and out of.
The building interior is safe and easy for me to move around in.

* 2. Attitude

  Yes No Not Sure
Goodwill staff are respectful and treat me fairly.
I feel like a partner in my services and feel a sense of empowerment.

* 3. Communication

  Yes No Do Not Need/Use
I'm aware that Goodwill provides communication assistance in the form of TTY/TDD and language interpreters when requested.
Goodwill's website is user friendly and provides information in an understandable format.

* 4. Community

  Yes No Not Sure
Goodwill staff provides resources and supports to help me overcome barriers that make it difficult to fully participate in the community, i.e., shopping, recreation, and appointments.

* 5. Environment

  Yes No Not Sure
Goodwill's office and training area is pleasant and has appropriate lighting, smells, temperature, noise levels, furniture placement, and emergency signage.
I feel that Goodwill places confidentiality as a priority.

* 6. Financial

  Yes No Not Sure
Goodwill was able to provide me with appropriate services, supports and resources.

* 7. Technology

  Yes No Not Sure
Goodwill has up-to-date tools and technology which meet my needs.

* 8. Transportation

  Yes No Not Sure
Goodwill is accessible to public transportation, provides adequate parking, and a safe path to the building.
Goodwill provides adequate information regarding transportation options.

* 9. Employment

  Yes No N/A
If Goodwill helped you find a job did we take into consideration your request for work accommodations such as: flexible scheduling, assistive technology and other equipment needs?

* 10. Are there other ways Goodwill can be more accessible in serving you and your needs?