Thank you for taking a few minutes to provide some of your thoughts on giving and raising funds from an Orthodox Christian perspective. Your comments will help to shape our new website/blog, Every Good and Perfect Gift. Should you choose to share a story of who or what has personally inspired you to give, it will be used anonymously. Thank you again! May God have all the glory for our effort to inspire others to give generously.

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Inspiring testimonials
Quotes on giving from scripture, Holy Fathers, and contemporary Orthodox sources
Practical how-to for parishes on raising funds
Features of parish success stories, stewardship, capital expansion, debt retirement, planned giving
Featured outreach projects and their funding
Articles from guest writers on various aspects of giving, both spiritual and practical

* 5. Do you have any ideas for features on the topics listed above? For example, do you know of a parish success story, a great Orthodox outreach project, an inspiring speaker/writer on giving in the Orthodox Christian context? Please share your thoughts.

* 6. Which of the following factors have had the greatest impact on your giving, either to support your parish regularly, for special projects, or for other causes and charities:

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My parents’ attitude toward giving
A miracle or significant event in my life or the life of a loved one
The impact of a clergyman
The desire to strengthen the Orthodox Church now and for future generations
Christ’s call to be a good steward
The witness of another person and their giving
The desire for my name and my family to be remembered through my gifts
Giving in memory of departed loved ones

* 7. We want to hear your story of giving! Who or what inspires you to give back? Was there an event or person that inspired you to begin sacrificial giving, tithing, or making a significant gift?

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