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The following questionnaire is designed to assess your perspective on various aspects of the ministry happening in your congregation.  The data collected will provide a glimpse into the story of your congregation.  It will be used to help create a profile of your congregation and God’s mission through it.

The questionnaire should take you about 15 minutes to complete.  Please respond to the questions openly and honestly.  Your responses are anonymous and cannot be matched specifically to you. Once you start taking the survey, please plan to finish as you will not be able to save it and start again later.

Question Title

1. Please choose the best response for each statement below:

  I Strongly Disagree I Disagree I Neither Agree nor Disagree I Agree I Strongly Agree
1A) I believe this congregation is making a difference in people's lives.
1B) I feel a greater sense of belonging in this congregation the more I participate in its ministries.
1C) I like telling others about what is going on at this congregation.
1D) Participating in this congregation energizes me.
1E) In this congregation, I am part of something bigger than myself.
1F) I enjoy inviting people I know to worship at this congregation.
1G) I would describe this congregation as a cohesive community.
1H) I see myself as an integral part of this congregation.