Tell Us What You Think

This user survey is designed to help us learn more about the Pro Shop, what our users want, what works well, what doesn’t, what have users seen elsewhere, and what could change or stay the same.   
We remain  committed to providing excellent customer service to all of our users
and getting your opinions as to how we can best do that.

Thank You for Taking the Time to Complete This Survey

* 1. How often do you play at Laguna Lake Golf Course?

* 2. Choose the age range that applies to you.

* 3.

Currently the course hours are 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. or dusk (whichever is earlier). 

What hours of operation do you prefer?

* 4.

Do you utilize golf course rentals (for example: golf carts, ADA golf cart, clubs, and range balls)? 

If YES, how often?

* 5. How often to you purchase food items from the Golf Course Concessionaire (The Achievement House)?

* 6. If you have made concessionaire purchases, what food items have you purchased?                                   (Select All that apply)

* 7. What food items would you like to see served at the Golf Course?  (Please List)

* 8. Have you purchased merchandise from the Laguna Lake Golf Course Pro Shop? (For example, clubs, apparel, balls, gloves)

* 9. If Yes, what merchandise did you purchase? (Select All that apply)

* 10. Would you like to see merchandise sales continue in the Pro Shop?

* 11. If yes, what items would you like to have available for purchase? (Please List)

* 12. Would you like to see more activities available in the club house? (Select All that apply)

* 13. What other programs / events would you like to see offered out at the course? (Please List)

* 14. If the Golf Course facilities were made available, would you be interested in renting the BBQ Area, Putting Green or Driving Range for parties or events?

* 15. How do you prefer to receive information about the Golf Course programs and activities?

* 16. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS.  (Please share your ideas on how we can better serve you)