Golden Goose Security Teaching Survey

Every day data breeches occur.  Some we hear about, others go unreported due to fear of copy cats. Metaphorically, a Web Server is like an ATM and a Database server from which it gets information is like a vault where bulk valuable data is stored. An ATM can get robbed and although significant, it's not like a robbery of the vault.  ATMs and Web Servers are hardened for attack whereas Databases and other Back-end Servers are not.  Our new service and software under development to manage limiting server's radius or sphere using advanced techniques and methods is launching.  We are looking for various views of our potential customer's which is why we are asking you to help us by completing our survey.  Thank You!  Bill

1. Do you understand the concept of a sensitive data containing server (financial, health, secret) we term a "Golden Goose Server"?

2. Based upon your definition of a Golden Goose Server, how many do you think your organization maintains?

3. Do you believe Firewalls and Security Architecture adequately protect your Golden Goose Servers?

4. Can your Golden Goose update its software or OS directly to/from the Internet?

5. On your Internal Network or VPN, can internal users reach your data center Golden Goose servers? (get a login prompt)

6. If someone was at the console of the Golden Goose server, could they "ping" the Internet?

7. Do some of your Web Servers provide Internet service only for local, regional or national clients, but not 100% of the Internet?

8. If your Sensitive Server was compromised by a Trojan virus designed for it to send data to a remote country, it would:

9. How can Golden Goose Security lower risks to your sensitive server/s? (even if firewalls fail)

10. After completing this survey

11. Address - Optional Information