Post-Evaluation_2019_ Golden Colorado STEM Guitar Building Workshop Evaluation

Dear Participant:

You are requested to complete this survey because you are about to complete your STEM Guitar Building Workshop at the Golden Colorado School of Mines . Your responses will be important in providing input into the project. implementation results that will be reported to the National Science Foundation (NSF). As you have known, the STEM Guitar Project (NSF ATE# #1700531) is funded by the NSF.

Please feel free to answer as best as you can. Your responses will be grouped with all other participants’ input. No one will be individually identified when the results are reported. Because we are doing a Pre- and Post- Workshop Survey, it is important to be able to link your Pre- and Post- responses.
Please make sure that you write exactly the same Survey ID you used in your Pre-Survey.-


Thank you for completing this survey. Make sure you click "Submit" for your responses to be recorded.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact the Project PI, Thomas Singer at

The STEM Guitar Project Team

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* 1. Please write your name initials, birth month and year [e.g. John Adam Smith was born on September 10, 1970; he writes: JAS09101970]. Please make sure you are write the same Survey ID you did for your pre-survey.

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* 2. Having gone through the STEM Guitar Building Workshop, what have you learned? {[Please check all that applies.]