1. As a Golden Advantage member, what do you consider the most important part of your membership?

  Most important Very important Of little importance Does not matter to me
Banking (free checks, bank discounts, higher rates for members)
Escorted Group Travel
Seminars (AARP, estate planning, lifestyle topics)
Enhanced Personal Customer Service

2. What topics interest you for seminars or workshops?

3. Which day of the week and time of day would most suit you for seminars/workshops?

4. Are you interested in travel?

5. If you are interested in travel, where would you like to go domestically?

6. Where would you like to go internationally?

7. The Golden Advantage Passport newsletter is our main form of communication for sponsored events. Would you prefer to receive this via email?

8. Included in our newsletter are articles from Investment Advantage and Bay Trust Company. Have you ever used our investment or wealth management services?

9. Do you use OnlineAdvantage, our online banking service? If not, please explain why.

10. Is there a product or service you would like to see offered by Bank of Lancaster?

11. Would you refer a family member or a friend to Bank of Lancaster?

12. What is the best way for us to communicate with you?

13. Which local newspaper do you read on a regular weekly basis?

14. Which local radio station do you listen to most often?

15. One unique feature of our Golden Advantage program is our Merchant Sponsors. Do you use our Merchant Sponsors? If so, which Merchant(s) do you frequent the most?

16. Which Bank of Lancaster office do you use the most? Would you please help us improve by rating the service?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Main Office
Colonial Beach
White Stone
Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts with us.