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Hartford Wildcat's PACK Program

Come join the PACK!
Parents, Admin, Coaches and Kids Program 

The PACK program will aid in the athletic growth of your child by keeping them engaged with focused coaching and activities.  In addition PACK will support your child’s development by providing workshops focusing on three areas:

1.       Social Development and Character Building (through evidenced based resiliency training)

a.       Resilient thoughts:  Learn to catch, check, collect, challenge, and change worrisome, negative, or looping thoughts.

b.       Mindfulness:  Discover how to go from asking constant "What if" questions to coming back to "What is" going on in present moment.

c.        Emotional Intelligence: Dive into their inner emotional world to expand self-awareness of emotions, what they mean, and how to navigate them.

d.       Impulse Control: Embrace many methodologies to pause before they react to a trigger or event.

e.       Kids are armed with essential life skills embedded across programs including hundreds of animations, worksheets, key learning points, discussion questions, and interactive practice.

f.        Parents will have access to GoZen! Summit Library in-depth interviews with content experts providing advice on raising kids who thrive. Promote Health and Wellness

2.       2) Promote Health and Wellness

a.       Nutrition and healthy eating habits training will be an integral part of workshop sessions

b.      Family fitness (year round training for players and parents

c.       In partnership with parents, develop and implement a plan for healthier lifestyle options for snacks at home, games and practice.

3.      3) Authentic Family Engagement  

a.       Establish a parent support network, create a welcoming environment for families and invite them to participate as equal partners in the growth of the Wildcat organization.

b.      Provide opportunities for resource sharing; clothes, books, opportunities to participate in programs and services, etc.

c.       Increase participation in game day activities and other Hartford Wildcat community service events.  The PACK will work towards creating a family culture of volunteering and community giving.

d.      Provide parents opportunities to acquire necessary information, knowledge, and skills to support student athlete success.

e.      Monthly PACK Dinners.  Youth will spend quality time with their support system while having a meal, meaningful conversations, and fun in an informal setting.  Create safe and positive opportunities for fellowship, social interaction and recreation


This sounds amazing how do I join?

Just complete the questionnaire!


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* 1. Basic information:

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* 2. Please rank the areas below based on what you believe your child would benefit from most to least:

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* 3. Please select activities you are interested in having your child participate in.

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* 4. I would like to sign my child up for the PACK program

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* 5. As the Parent/guardian I agree to the following:

I will attend or have someone from my youth’s support system attend PACK events once a month.

I agree to reinforce training learning points at home

I agree to provide feedback to program facilitators.

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