Welcome to the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Survey.

The Town of Gnesen is updating its Comprehensive Plan.  The Town is conducting a survey of all Gnesen residents in support of the planning process.
A Comprehensive Plan is a document which records a public planning process that expresses a community's vision and lays out how the local government will reach that vision. A Comprehensive Plan: 
  • Creates the opportunity for residents to participate in guiding a community’s future
  • Addresses community issues such as housing, transportation and utilities
  • Preserves important cultural, natural and agricultural resources
  • Identifies issues, stays ahead of trends, and accommodates change
  • Ensures that growth makes the community better, not just bigger
  • Fosters sustainable economic development
  • Provides an opportunity to consider future implications of today’s decisions
Your participation is very important to helping the Planning and Zoning Board and Town Board make decisions about future land use planning and other services.

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.