* 2. What categories apply to you?

* 3. Married?

* 4. Children at home?

* 5. Your age?

* 6. Annual Income?

* 7. Do you want your gluten free foods to taste like conventional foods?

* 8. When considering purchasing gluten free products, what is most important to you? ("1st Choice" being the MOST important, "5th Choice" being the LEAST important.)

  Cost Ingredients Taste Food Safety Availability
1st Choice
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
4th Choice
5th Choice

* 9. 1. Would you continue to buy a product that had a "health food" or "gritty & grainy" flavor or texture simply because it was gluten free?

* 10. "Certified Gluten Free" verses just "Gluten Free" labeling on the packaging:

* 11. Do you expect to pay a little more for gluten and allergen free products?

* 12. What is the highest percentage more you are willing to pay for gluten and allergen free products?

* 13. Which are you most interested in purchasing?

* 14. Do you typically read the ingredients also after seeing that it is labeled "Gluten Free"?

* 15. If you see 2 products and both have all gluten free ingredients but one is labeled "Gluten Free", how often would you choose the one labeled "Gluten Free" verses the one not labeled?

* 16. Given the following choices, where do you prefer to buy your gluten free food products from? (Choose only one choice per item)

  Supermarket Health Food Store Online
1st Choice
2nd Choice
3rd Choice

* 17. Where do you currently buy most of your gluten free product from?

* 18. Where do you get your most reliable gluten free information from? ONLY CHOOSE up to 3 total

* 19. Do your family and friends take your gluten free needs into consideration when they are entertaining you?

* 20. Where is it MOST difficult to enjoy a gluten free meal? (Only choose one)

* 21. Who are your favorite gluten free cookbook authors?