Dear Community Member,

We need your help to build a stronger community which recovers quickly from natural disasters and proactively minimizes damages. 

Is your home or business susceptible to high winds, and other natural events?

The Town of Glocester is updating its natural hazard plan called the "Strategy for Reducing Risks from Natural Hazards in Glocester, Rhode Island". This plan identifies natural hazard events, vulnerable critical facilities and assists in prioritizing resources. The plan also identifies potential actions needed to reduce risk and damage to our community. We encourage you to attend public meetings to join us in the plan's development.  Meeting notices and related documents will be posted on Town of Glocester's website.

This survey is open to all residents, business operators, property owners, renters, local officials, and institutional or organizational partners.  Please limit your response to ONE (1) per household, business or organization. 

We greatly appreciate your time taking this short survey to make your community stronger and more resilient to natural hazard events.

* 1. Where do you live or work?

* 2. Which options below best define your role in the community

* 3. Do you feel well informed about how natural hazards affect you and the Town of Glocester?

* 4. How concerned are you about your community as a whole being impacted by a natural disaster?

* 5. Please indicate how often you have been impacted by a natural disaster. Please choose as many disasters as apply.

  Multiple times each year About once a year Every few years Once or a few times in my lifetime Never
Severe Winter Weather: Ice & Snow
Flood: River
High Wind
Extreme Heat
Hurricane and Tropical Storms: Nor'easters
Extreme Cold
Thunderstorm: Hail & Lightning
Dam Failure
Fire: Wild and/or brush
Mosquito & Tick (EEE, West Nile, Lyme Disease)

* 6. Please rank the natural disaster threats that concern you (1 = HIGHEST threat, 10 =  LOWEST threat).  Prioritize all 10 threats and get a "gold star" or just the top three if you feel you may not make it without another coffee.

* 7. In the past 10 years, have you had an insurance claim relating to natural hazard damage to your property?

* 8. How many times has your property experienced significant damage resulting in insurance claims in the past ten (10) years?

* 9. Do you currently have flood insurance?

* 10. If you do NOT have flood insurance, please select the best reason why:

* 11. How vulnerable is your home/business/organization to natural hazards?

* 12. Have you taken any actions to make your home/business/organization or community more resistant to natural hazards?

* 13. Are there any other issues regarding the reduction of risk and loss associated with natural hazards or disasters the town can implement that you think are important?

* 14. What is the most effective way for you to receive information about how to make your home, business and neighborhood more resistant to natural hazards?  Please check all that apply.

* 15. Where do you think limited taxpayer money should be spent? Please indicate your priority areas below:

  Very important Somewhat important Neutral Not very important Not important
Protect private property
Protect critical facilities and infrastructure (for example, fire stations, transportation networks)
Prevent development in hazard-prone areas
Protect/enhance natural features to aid in mitigation (restore wetlands, streams, etc.)
Protect historic and cultural landmarks
Protect and reduce damage to utilities
Strengthen emergency servcies (police, fire, ambulance, etc.)
Promote cooperation amount public agencies, citizens, non-profit organiztions and businesses

* 16. If you wish, please provide your email to receive additional information including public meeting announcements for this plan. This information will be kept confidential and will not be used or shared for any other purposes.  That's it!  Please click "DONE". Thank you for your participation and helping make Glocester stronger!