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Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete our MegaFest 2017 Post-event Survey. We value your feedback and encourage you to answer each question as candidly as possible. Please note that all answers you provide will be kept confidential and are only used internally to enhance your experience with MegaFest.

* 1. How did you hear about the Girl Talk Conference? (select all that apply)

* 2. How did you experience Girl Talk?

* 3. Who joined you at Girl Talk?

* 4. If you attended the conference with a group, which option below best describes your group experience? (skip this question if you did not attend with a group)

* 5. Please rate the overall value of the Girl Talk session / activities.

* 6. How relevant was the conference content to your interests?

* 7. How would you describe the overall quality of the conference speakers, artists, and panelists?

* 8. If you attended other events, please rate the overall value of each of the following sessions / activities. (skip this question if you only attended Girl Talk)

  None Low Moderate High
"A Time to Laugh" Comedy Show
International Faith and Family Film Festival
Woman Thou Art Loosed
ALIVE Dance / Mime
Empowerment Sessions
Entrepreneur Sessions
MegaFest Choir Experience

* 9. How satisfied were you with the selection of food / beverage options available?

* 10. Which of the following best reflects your overall experience with the event parking / transportation options?

* 11. Did the registration cost impact your decision to attend Girl Talk?

* 12. How many times have you attended Girl Talk?

* 13. If this is your first time attending Girl Talk, was it what you expected? (skip this question if it's not your first time attending)

* 14. If you've attended Girl Talk previously, how did this year's event compare to others?

* 15. How likely are you to recommend Girl Talk to others in the future?

* 16. How would you describe your experience using the T.D. Jakes Conferences App?

* 17. What is your age?

* 18. What is your gender?

* 19. How would you describe yourself? (select all that apply)

* 20. What is your marital status?

* 21. What is your current employment status? (select all that apply)

* 22. If you'd like to receive occasional information about upcoming T.D. Jakes conferences, concerts, books, giveaways, and more, please provide your email address, below.

* 23. Here's your opportunity to share your thoughts with us on how we can enhance your experience for future Girl Talk events. Are there any speakers, artists, venues / cities, etc. that you would like for us to consider for the next conference? Briefly tell us, below.