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The 2021 Gig Mindset Research Phase Two - 30 months after the 2018 research
Research conducted by Jane McConnell. For more information, contact Jane by email or Twitter @netjmc (direct messages are open).
You are welcome to participate in 2021 even if you did not take part in 2018.

What is the gig mindset?
The term “gig mindset” refers to the attitudes and behaviors of people who, even though they are salaried employees in an organization, approach their work more as if they were independent freelancers. They experiment, take opportunities to work with different people across the organization, work openly sharing in "work out loud" mode. They take responsibility for their initiatives, dare to challenge status quo and do a lot of networking internally and externally.
Their attitudes and behaviors contrast with employees who work with a “traditional mindset” where the approach to work is influenced by defined roles, hierarchy and established procedures. 
What are the objectives of this research?
The first phase of the gig mindset research took place in 2018. The purpose of this second phase is to identify changes in how individuals and organizations are working today, in early 2021. We will also look at changes due to the pandemic.

The questions cover:
1. Individual behaviors, habits and attitudes
2. Organizational work cultures, practices and priorities
3. Pandemic:
impact on individual work and organizations
4. Future outlook

How long does the survey take?
The survey takes place here on SurveyMonkey, and requires approximately 20 minutes of your time. At any time during the survey  if you would like information or explanations, contact Jane by email or Twitter (direct message). 
If for any reason, you want to take a break and then return to the same place, click on the link on the top right of the screen. You must use the same computer and browser when you return.

Can I use this survey internally? 
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We ask demographic questions at the end in order to correlate data into meaningful trends. Individual responses are never identifiable.

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