All information will be treated anonymously and is solely for the purpose of completing this graduate thesis project.
My main target group are first and second generation German immigrants, who were residing in the United States during the First and Second World War, as well as the Cold War. If you are not in this target group, please consider participating in the survey nonetheless, as I am also interested in hearing your story of being a German-American or American with German roots in the United States.

No personal information will be published. Answering the questionnaire will take about 15-20 mins. Please try your best to fill in every question as accurate as possible. You can fill in the questionnaire in German or English. If you fill in the questionnaire on behalf of someone, please indicate if these are your answers or if you are answering for someone else (e.g. in order to tell their story).
If you are willing to conduct the interview via phone/skype, please contact me at

Thank you for participating in my survey. The availability of the survey will end April 2nd, please make sure to fill it in before this date. 

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