Thank you for participating in this Geraldton Youth Survey.

This Survey is designed by Fusion Geraldton, as part of some research we are currently doing to hear the hopes and dreams we share for the kind of community Geraldton might be now and into the future; as well as to discover the issues that are important for young people.

This research will be finished in March 2020, and shared with all interested individuals and organisations, so that together we can make Geraldton a better place for all of us to live.

The survey is being distributed widely and we welcome all young people, as well as the not so young to let us know their views at this time.

Your answers will be anonymous and not able to be traced back to you – we hope that this will enable you to feel free to share openly of your experience and your hopes and dreams.

When we ask questions about age, gender, suburb or school, it is so that we can see patterns for different parts of our community. 

Everybody will answer between 10 and 25 questions, depending on some of your answers.  Most questions ask you to choose from a range of alternatives.

At the end, there is an option for you to provide your name and contact details if you would like to get information when the research is complete.  Should you choose to take up this offer, your personal details are collected and stored separately to your answers within the actual survey.

Whether you do or don't take up that option, please make sure that you press DONE on the final page to ensure that we receive all of your answers.

If you have any questions about this Survey or the overall Research, we welcome you to be in touch with us.

Thank you for your participation,

Rohan Prowse
Community Researcher
Fusion Geraldton
Phone: 0411 694 580