Welcome to the Georgina Island First Nation Community Energy Survey

Georgina Island First Nation is conducting a survey to assist with an update of our existing Community Energy Plan.

This survey is to be completed by one person, per residential dwelling for properties located within the Georgina Island First Nation.  If you have two properties, for instance a home and a cabin, please fill out one survey for each of the dwellings.  If you complete more than one survey, please ensure that both properties are located within the community.

Commercial and First Nation owned properties will be assessed in a different manner than this survey.  If you are a private business owner with particular energy issues, please contact Becky Big Canoe, who is the Community Energy Advisor for Georgina Island First Nation.

We appreciate your time and look forward to presenting the results to the community in 2018.

Becky Big Canoe
Community Energy Advisor
Chippewas of Georgina Island
705-437-1337 ext 2284

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* 1. I am completing this survey for my primary residence located on Georgina Island First Nation

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* 2. Please identify the primary type of energy you use for the following household services

  Electricity Propane Heating Oil Wood or Wood Pellets Natural Gas Other N/A
Household Heating
Water Heater
Kitchen Appliances

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* 3. Please identify any secondary or back-up types of energy you use in your home.  Choose all that apply.

Question Title

* 4. If you use wood, how many face cords (8'x4'x16") do you use per year in your home and how much do they cost? Skip or enter 0 if you do not use wood as a heat source

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* 5. Do you use any of the following  cool your home?  Choose all that apply.

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* 6. Please identify your energy supplier for the following energy types. Enter N/A when the question doesn't apply to you.

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* 7. Do you currently generate any electricity from renewables at your home? This includes any scale of renewable generation, from simple solar powered lighting to larger scale solar projects (such as microFIT).

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* 9. How important do you feel it is for our community  to invest in energy conservation measures?

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* 10. How important do you feel it is for our community to invest into energy education within the community?

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* 11. When it comes to household electricity, please identify whether, in your opinion, the following statements are true, false ordo no t apply (N/A) to you.

  True False N/A
I am aware of Georgina Island's First Nation's current Community Energy Plan

I understand how to read my Hydro One bill

I understand how the electricity is transmitted to my home

I know what time of use (TOU) pricing for electricity is

I schedule my electricity use around time of use (TOU) pricing.
I know what the term 'phantom load' refers to

I work to avoid 'phantom loads' within my home

I prepare my home for cold winter weather

I know what a programmable thermostat is

I use a programmable thermostat to conserve heat within my home

I have changed my energy use habits in the past few years to better conserve energy
I am aware of cost management programs for electricity such as the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) and the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)

I am currently HST exempt in relation to my Hydro One bill and receive the First Nation Delivery Credit (if eligible)

I am interested in learning more about energy conservation in my home

I am interested in learning more about renewable energy generation

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* 12. How important do you feel it is for our community to invest in renewable energy projects

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* 13. Why do you think our community should pursue renewable energy projects?

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* 14. Do you believe the community should move towards gaining increased energy independence?

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* 15. Please identify if you would support , be opposed to or indifferent to the community making investments in the following renewable energy technologies:

  Support Investment Oppose Investment Indifferent to Investment I don't know enough to make an informed decision
Solar Photovoltaic
Solar Thermal
Landfill Gas
Energy-From-Waste Technologies

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* 16. Overall, what would you like to see as the outcome of our Community Energy Plan?

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* 17. Please provide your  contact information if you want  to receive updates on the  Georgina Island First Nation Community Energy Plan.  This information will be kept confidential.