1. Survey information

What is the purpose of this survey?
We hope to determine the current state of genetics and genomics education for researcher trainees.  We also hope to identify barriers to the implementation of curricula in this area. It is being distributed to attendees at the Next-Generation Genomics Course at the ASIP Annual Meeting.

Are my answers anonymous?

How will the data be used?
We hope that information from this survey will help determine the best ways to help implement educational programs in genetics and genomics for researcher trainees at institutions nationwide.

What is specifically meant by "genetics and genomics"?
For this survey, below are examples of some of the topics within the realm of genetics and genomics:

Genomic and genetic research methodology
Sequencing including next generation sequencing
Types of genetic/genomic variation (e.g., SNPs, copy number)
Interpreting genotype-phenotype correlations
Clinical implicatons of genetic/genomic research
Managing genetic and genomic data
Ethical issues

8% of survey complete.