Before you attend this study day we would like you to complete the following survey so we can best judge what you aim to get out of the day and to help us aim at required parts of the subject. We hope you have a good day and after please can you spare some time to complete the post course feedback survey to help us to improve any areas that was not as informative as shown by the results of this feedback. The post course feedback survey link will be sent to you in the near future.

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13. Have you been involved in an emergency/acute situation?

14. Did you find it difficult to manage?

15. What specific skills would have helped/did help you to manage the emergency/acute situation effectively?

16. Please indicate which courses you have attended?

17. Have you attended any simulation course before?

18. What would you like to achieve from this study day?

Thank you for completing this survey. We hope you have an enjoyable day.