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Select up to 3 GEMs of the Month to be the 2019 GEMs of the Year.

Read the nominees’ stories below and choose those you feel have best demonstrated going the extra mile (GEM) for their co-workers or customers.  The top 3 vote-getters will travel to ACE 2019 (July 29 - August 1 in Las Vegas, learn more) as Aspect’s guests and participate in a speakers panel about their experiences.

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Brian Azuogu
Christus Health, TLRA
System Administrator
GEM of the Month: October 2018

Brian has been very instrumental leading operations with our interface of our existing Aspect solution and our new Aspect Quality Management integration. He has made significant strides to make certain that the platforms work efficiently together.  We interfaced our Aspect dialer voice with Aspect Quality Management to electronically evaluate calls and to be able to see the various screenshots of the multiple applications the associates access to satisfy the call.

Jarret DeBorde
Sr. Support Engineer
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
GEM of the Month: March 2019

Jarret is internal support for Aspect products at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, and as part of his role advises on outsourced partner's technical support teams.  Recently, a change was made in one of our environments causing agents to not be able to log into our UIP system.  Jarret collaborated with the technical staff from the vendor and helped resolve the issue.  This particular issue is just one of many that Jarret has helped us resolve during his tenure here.  He is always creative and able to provide solutions to our problems as well as answers to our questions.  Jarret is an asset to our team and we are proud to nominate him as a GEM!

Paula Diedrich
Alta Resources
Workforce Management Analyst
GEM of the Month: August 2018

Paula is Alta Resources’ “go-to” person for all things Aspect. Not only does she have an incredible amount of knowledge and understanding regarding Aspect solutions, but she is always eager and willing to share that knowledge. She utilizes this knowledge to demonstrate Alta’s Guiding Principles of Results & Communication. Paula recently took the lead in bringing a new client team up to speed on how Aspect products work. Recognizing there was an information gap, Paula provided a walk-through of how the business is run from a WFM perspective, clearly describing how each of the Aspect tools we utilize provides valuable insights and helps ensure efficient call center operations. Her proactive efforts put the client at ease, and they now have a comprehensive understanding of how Aspect tools can be utilized to forecast, schedule and track operations. Paula’s Aspect expertise and abilities as an instructor helped us establish an even stronger partnership with a new and important client… proving she is truly a GEM of an Aspect liaison.

Meredith Erickson
Valley Medical
Technical Product Trainer Developer II
GEM of the Month: July 2018

Meredith is the Aspect trainer at Valley Medical Center. She is responsible for creating and delivering training material to all of our new and current Aspect users at the hospital. Meredith is a great advocate for our staff and our patients when we are working on new build or deploying changes. She is always willing to put time aside to meet with our users to help them learn something new or work on things they may be struggling with. Meredith is a vital member of our Aspect team and we would not be successful without her. Meredith is responsible for training agents and supervisors on UIP, UAD, AQM, RTR, and Patient Connect. All of these products are vital pieces of the puzzle to create the best experience possible for our patients. Meredith's humor and bubbly personality make coming into work not as bad as it could be. I am so grateful that she is a member of my team and that I get to work with her on the Aspect program. She absolutely deserves recognition for all of her hard work.

Amy Hall
Blue Shield of California
WFM Specialist
GEM of the Month: December 2018

Amy has worked very closely with each of the lines of business she supports to deliver the best possible preference-based schedules possible to the customer service representatives she supports. This close collaboration with the supervisors and CSRs, along with her effective use of preference-based scheduling within the Aspect WFM system, has resulted in a high-level of satisfaction with schedules not previously experienced at Blue Shield of California. Amy's dedication to providing efficient and mutually beneficial schedules is very much appreciated within the company.

Robert Ritter

Divisional Telecom Engineer
GEM of the Month: January 2019

Rob continues to help drive key backend development opportunities and enhancements to all Aspect products. While Rob has knowledge ranging from employees to WFM management, his expertise in the Aspect Suite continues to provide excellent results.

De Wuan Roberson

Banner Health
Resource Optimization Center | Consumer Experience Center
GEM of the Month: June 2018

De Wuan is always the first person to volunteer to take on any projects that involve the Aspect products. He creates an easy to follow process and procedures for the team to utilize. As our go-to person, with bounds of information on the Aspect WFM, whenever anyone needs help setting up, configuring or modifying anything within our WFM system it’s De Wuan! De Wuan should be recognized as an Aspect GEM, for how well he represents the Aspect name & products! You couldn't get a better Ambassador for delivering and spreading the word of how well the Aspect products work and what a huge impact it has on a company’s call center. De Wuan is also a vital member of the configuration of the WFM Tool for our department; one of the most useful examples is how he sets up our Group Allowance piece within WFM. Setting this up combined with deploying the WFO program to our enterprise has been a way for our agents to plan their vacation time for the whole year! It’s made such a significant impact within our organization! I can apparently go on about what an outstanding job De Wuan does for us with everything Aspect! 

Richard Sandoval
City of Mesa - Information Technology Department
Senior UC Engineer
GEM of the Month: May 2018

Richard is always thinking outside the box. He is outstanding at finding solutions for us when we need something new or modified. He is always willing to discuss options and provide solutions when we need them. He is always willing to assist my staff when something goes awry. When he comes across something that he believes will help us out or provide better customer service, he brings it to our attention. Richard contributes to the success of his organization by constantly searching for and identifying a different way of doing things. Just because something isn’t broken doesn’t mean it can’t be improved!