1. Free Online Affiliate Program for You, Your Freedom, & Same-Sex Marriage

I'd really appreciate your opinion for our new programs online for same-sex marriage activists, gay-friendly speakers, and gay-friendly social entrepreneurs (who aim to make a living from making a difference).. Thanks for your input! YOU make a difference.

1. Our new goal is to create gay & freedom videos that inspire over 10 million people to vote for equality. How do you think we should raise funds to produce them (and also raise funds for you and your gay-friendly projects)? Please check all that apply. . .

2. YES, we can create justice! Over 2,200,000 members joined our Faceboook group supporting same-sex marriage, and people keep asking us how we did it (with zero budget). The online Master Class will share our secrets with gay-friendly activists, entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide. With the course, we're starting a free community partnership affiliate program to create gay-friendly jobs, small business and fundraisers online. Which names do you like best for this program (please check all that apply)?

3. You can join our Free Community Affiliate to earn income or raise funds. Yes, it's free. When you invite people or share media about our online e-learning videos or e-books, your can earn 50% of proceeds. Our goal is to create 1,000,000 gay-friendly jobs and fundraisers online. Why would you like funds?...(please click all that apply)...


4. Which online products would you most like to mention or promote to your contacts online?

5. Bet we can create 1,000,000 gay-friendly jobs online. Affiliates earn 50% of cost of OUTstanding programs online when they sign up. through your link. If you are selected as an affiliate, can we pay you through Paypal? We send payments as soon as you reach $25 or more income. If you prefer, you are welcome to donate your money to a gay-friendly charity.

6. Why might you interested in joining our free gay-friendly job creation program onlinebecoming a self-employed affiliate or fundraising affiliate with OUTstanding Lives Network?

7. OUTstanding Lives Network inspires pride worldwide. We and our affiliates create honest, ethical working relationships of mutual respect in which everyone wins. We respect and include people of all sexual orientations, genders, gender identities, cultures, colours, nationalities, religions, ages, and abilities/disabilities (affiliates who disregard the code of ethics may be warned or discontinued). If you become an affiliate, do you agree to follow this code of ethics?

8. OUTstanding Lives Network also follow all relevant anti-spam laws and require that our affiliates do the same. Affiliates who break the code of ethics may be warned or discontinued.

If you become an affiliate, do you agree to follow this code of ethics?

9. Do you have experience with...

10. Will you also follow our communication code of ethics? We treat all people (team members, prospects, clients, etc.) with respect. To build teamwork, maximize success, and prevent or resolve conflicts, we use Four Keys to Great Relationships. Check all that your agree to...

11. How can we contact you to follow up?

12. How many online contacts will you invite to the video series?

13. Each affiliate will choose a city, and contact gay-friendly businesses in that city, to invite them to become OUTstanding Partners. Which cities do you know best?

14. We will create jobs and raise funds with our Free Community Affiliate program for our private Master Class Videos, which includes a bonus free subscription to our free Youtube videos. It's free to join as an affiliate. As an affiliate and/or speaker, you earn 50% of proceeds when they invite their contacts to join. There's only ONE level in this partnership fundraising program. Everyone is equal and we all help each other out. It's a circle, NOT a pyramid. Would you like to join us by… (please click all that apply)...

15. Everyone who is in a video will have a chance to get promoted by OUTstanding Lives, and also earn affiliate income. If we were to create a video about you, which kind of video would you like best?

16. As part of our commitment to integrity, we ask that you let people know that a percentage of the proceeds from sales will go to you, to help you fund a dream that will make a positive difference to you and society.

For example, it could be to travel & teach meditation, to launch a green business, to pay your rent you so you can volunteer for a non-profit, to launch your CD of gay-friendly children's songs, to fund your participation in the OUTstanding Lives programs so you can become a motivational speaker, or any gay-friendly project. What is your dream that you would like funding for?

17. OUTstanding Lives Network is a social venture of gay-friendly people aiming to making a living from making a difference. You can join us. Now, our goal is to produce gay-friendly Youtube videos that attract over ten million views to inspire pride worldwide and support same-sex marriage. We came up with a creative community partnership project so that everyone in our community can fund their dreams for freedom, including YOU. Are you a gay-friendly (please click all that apply)...

18. Feel free to add any comments, questions or suggestions here. Thanks! YOU make a difference.

19. What feedback do you have about this idea, our e-newsletter and/or online posts? What do you like and how can we improve it?