1. 2017-2018 GATHER Fellowship Application

We are proud to launch the third annual GATHER Fellowship. The Fellowship is open to alumni of Seeds of Peace and other emerging social entrepreneurs and social influencers with a practical vision to disrupt and upend conflict who have taken concrete steps to further their goals.

We define “social entrepreneurs” as those developing innovative and sustainable ventures to address societal challenges and “social influencers” as those developing creative campaigns to advance change via public platforms (arts, politics, media, etc.).

This year's Fellowship is designed around the GATHER Challenge:
"How do we move beyond superficial diversity to leverage our differences
and build thriving, equitable communities across lines of conflict"?

Please read the questions carefully, and make sure your answers are thoughtful, clear and concise. 
Your responses will give us an insight into your hopes and dreams in addition to the practical steps you are taking to actualize them. Where possible, provide quantitative and qualitative evidence in support of your work's impact and vision. Don’t be shy or modest; we want to hear about the uniqueness of your idea and your ability to advance meaningful change.

Please note: The application is divided into six pages.
Upon completion of a page & clicking "next" the page will automatically be saved.
(Be certain to return to your application on the same web-browser & not to erase browser-history). 
14% of survey complete.