General Information

This survey is intended for proprietary payment gateway providers to be listed in TSG’s annual Payment Gateway Directory. A payment gateway for the purposes of this report is an intelligent application that routes payments transactions, often from online shopping carts and/or physical terminal to payment processors, where transactions can be verified and processed. If you have any questions, please email Please submit your survey by August 18th. Thank you for your participation.

If you would prefer to fill out the survey in Excel, please download one here and email the completed file to

Note: In order to qualify for the 50% discount on the final Gateway Directory report ($1,700), questions in orange must be fully answered.

If your company has multiple gateways, please complete one submission for each gateway.

Question Title

* 1. Company Name

Question Title

* 2. Email Address (for participant benefits and any questions)

Question Title

* 3. Name of Gateway

The gateway name (may be the same as the company name).

Question Title

* 4. Product Website

URL for the gateway product

Question Title

* 5. Corporate Structure

Whether or not the company is public or private, and if it is a joint-venture, subsidiary, etc.

Question Title

* 6. Estimated Average Annual Gateway Dollar Volume

The average amount of dollar volume processed by the gateway annually

Question Title

* 7. Estimated Annual Gateway Transaction Volume

The average amount of transactions processed by the gateway annually

Question Title

* 8. Estimated Number of Gateway Merchants

Total number of merchant outlets served by the gateway

Question Title

* 9. Geographic Service Area

Regions that are served by the gateway (e.g. North America)

Question Title

* 10. Current or Past Representative Gateway Clients

Client names that represent the capabilities and features of the gateway