Gastineau Channel Waterways Analysis and Management System (WAMS)

The following survey is to assess the effectiveness of the current aids to navigations system and ensures that the Coast Guard is meeting the needs of its users. The "Waterway" referred to in this survey is from Gastineau Channel to the Mendenhall Bar in Fritz Cove only.

* 1. User information.

* 2. How many years of experience do you have operating a vessel in the area?

* 3. Describe the type of vessel you primarily operate on.

* 4. What is your vessel size? (feet)

* 5. What is your primary role on the vessel?

* 6. What methods and tools do you use for Navigation in these waterways?

* 7. Which Nautical Publications do you utilize?

* 8. What best describes the frequency which you reference these publications?

* 9. Do you feel the charts and publications for this area are adequate?

* 10. If you use the Coast Pilot/Light List, are there discrepancies or updates that should be made to improve the quality of the waterway description and associated infrastructure? Ex: Depth information in privately maintained channels; obstructions, wrecks, or other dangers; new, relocated, or demolished landmarks; deletions or additions of small craft facilities, or any other information pertinent to safe navigation? Please describe

* 11. Identify all the areas you utilize in Gastineau Channel

* 12. When do you use the Waterway?

* 13. During your normal operating times, what best describes the frequency you transit the waterway.

* 14. What is your average speed while transiting the waterway?

* 15. Please provide comments on any Federal or Private aid that you feel need to be improved

* 16. Please comment on the following

* 17. Are there any aids to navigation that  interfere with the safe navigation of the channel?

* 18. Which aids to navigation do you feel are the most critical for a safe transit, and why?

* 19. What, if anything, would help improve the safety of your transit?

* 20. Are there any locations you recommend new aids to navigation be placed?

* 21. Are there presently any aids to navigation which cause you difficulty, or pose a hazard at nighttime, or during reduced visibility?

* 22. Are there any Federal Aids that you feel are unnecessary to the waterway? Please be specific.

* 23. Are there any Private Aids that you feel are misleading, you would like to see changed, or have any other comment about?

* 24. Please this opportunity to note any problems that you see with this waterway and present any suggestions you have for improving it. Please include any additional information necessary to make your points clear.

* 25. Please provide any recommendations for improving this survey.