Market research for a gaming pub

The proposed establishment below would offer PC games
(Starcraft, WOW, TF2, EVE, Portal etc.), console games
(COD, Halo, Far cry 3, Borderlands 2 etc.), Tabletop RPGs
(D&D etc.), alcohol and food all in an atmosphere designed specifically for gamers.

* 1. Would you frequent an establishment in the Huntsville area that provided all things gaming, alcohol and food in an adult (18+) only gamers atmosphere?

* 2. What would you consider a fair price per hr for these services considering the computers/consoles, games, internet and all accessories are provided?

* 3. How many days per week would you frequent this establishment?

* 4. On average how long would you stay per visit?

* 5. What hours would you visit? (Check all that apply)

* 6. If it were open for lunch would you take your lunch hour there?

* 7. What are some convenient locations for this establishment? (Check all that apply)

* 8. What games would you be interested in playing?

* 9. If you had the option of renting out private rooms for your guild/clan/team, at a discounted rate, would you take advantage of this option?

* 10. If this establishment had BOC (Bring your Own Computer) spaces available at a discounted rate would you use them?

* 11. If this establishment had a social atmosphere dictated solely to gamers would you frequent this establishment just to socialize?

* 12. If this establishment held daily/weekly/monthly tournaments for certain games (Starcraft, Halo, COD etc.) would you be interested in participating?

* 13. If player stats were collected from certain games (Starcraft, Halo, COD) and a ranking system were used to display top players stats in the pub, on a website or Facebook, would you be more or less interested in frequenting this establishment?

* 14. How would you rate your overall interest in this establishment? (10 being extremely interested)

* 15. Additional comments, concerns or suggestions?