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* 5. How well did we deliver the programme?

  Poor Service Good Service Excellent Service N/A
Pre-programme service: pre sales, sales & contracting
Programme building consultancy
Management and coordination of your programme by Gaia
Quality of support and inputs by Gaia
Relevance of the programme to your needs
Consistency of input across the programme
Flexibility and adptability within the programme
Quality of relationships with your staff
Quality of feedback and reporting
Financial management - invoicing, accounts

* 6. How do you judge the impact of the programme?

  No Impact Some Impact High Impact N/A
Upon staff ICT skills and knowledge
Upon the quality of technology enhanced teaching and learning
Upon frequency of use of ICT across the curriculum
Upon school systems and processes
Upon your planning and decision-making with regard to ICT
Upon levels of student engagement
Upon progress and achievement

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