* 1. What do you like most about live music? (what do you expect to see/look forward to the most?)

* 2. What's the last live performance you attended?  What made you decide to go to it?  (was it a hard decision or an easy one, and why)

* 3. What considerations factor into your decisions about how you spend your leisure time and money?  (what's most important to you/what makes it "worth it"?)

* 4. How important is venue to you?  Why?

* 5. Aside from the performance itself, what do you enjoy about getting out and going to a live performance?  (is it social?  a way to support the arts?  just a great way to spend an evening?)

* 6. If you could add one thing to the next performance you attend, what would it be?  Why?  (what's the one thing you'd take away, and why?)

* 7. What "pairs best" with live music?  (food / socialization / education / inspiration / reflection / other)