1. Study Information

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You have been invited to participate in a research experiment titled “How difficult or traumatic events influence individuals’ lives.” This study is being conducted by a research team of Kelly Floyd, Mandy Howard, and Sarah Kuszczak under the supervision of Dr. Janice DeLucia-Waack in the Department of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology, University at Buffalo.


The purpose of this study is to explore how individuals think and feel about themselves, their eating behaviors, and also difficult or traumatic events influence individuals’ lives. This study will help us understand and perhaps develop more effective intervention programs to assist individuals who develop depression or eating problems, or who have experienced adverse life incidents. Approximately 400 participants will be involved in this study.


You will complete a survey asking about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; and how difficult or traumatic events have impacted your life. Some of the questions may be a bit personal or sensitive (for example, In the past 6 months have you…Gone on eating binges where you feel that you may not be able to stop? And Ever made yourself sick (vomited) to control your weight or shape?)You are free not to answer any questions you do not wish to answer.

Volunteer Status

Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. Refusal to participate will involve no penalty or loss. You have the right to refuse to answer particular questions. You may elect to withdraw from this study at any time and the information we have collected from you will be destroyed. If you become upset during the survey, simply stop answering the questions.

Time Commitment

Your participation in this study is estimated to require no more than thirty minutes to complete the on-line questionnaire.


There is a potential risk that you may be disturbed by some of the questions asked in this study. In the event you require assistance, information will be available upon completion or termination of the questionnaire. The benefit of participating in this study is the added knowledge and information that will be available to the scientific community, with the ultimate goal of benefiting others in the future.


Participants in this study will remain anonymous. Names and other identifying information will not be collected. Records will be stored in a locked filing cabinet accessible only to the principal investigator and the principal investigator’s faculty advisor.

For Further Information

Any questions that you may have about this study can be answered by Dr. DeLucia-Waack at 716-645-1107 or jdelucia@buffalo.edu. If you have any questions about your rights as a subject in a research project, you should contact (anonymously, if you wish) the Social and Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board, 515 Capen Hall, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260, or by phone 716-645-6474.