* 1. Do you currently grow food (vegetables, herbs, fruit, etc)?

* 2. What websites (if any) do you currently use in relation to food gardening, for instance to find information about crops or pests or connect with other food gardeners? Names or URLs are fine.

* 3. We're building a website for food gardeners called Growstuff. Growstuff will let you:

- track and record your food gardening efforts, and post notes and pictures of each crop you grow
- keep a wishlist of things you want to grow, plan future crops and gardening tasks
- research crops, varieties, pests and diseases, and food gardening tips and techniques
- connect with other food gardeners in your area or who share your interests
- share, trade, buy or sell seeds, plants, produce and supplies
- advertise and learn about events, community groups and businesses in your local area

You'll be able to access Growstuff from your computer or mobile device, or through third-party apps built on our platform. Growstuff will connect to your existing social networks. You'll also be able to export your data for offline use or as backup.

And now the question: does this sound like something you might use?

* 4. Assuming you're interested in using Growstuff (skip this question if you're not), would you be prepared to pay for an account if it gave you extra features?

For instance, paid accounts might be able to set up multiple gardens, create shared gardens, or set up reminders and notifications for future/planned garden activities. (These aren't set in stone yet, they're just examples of potential paid features.)

* 5. Do you currently pay for memberships/subscriptions on any other websites? Which ones? Names or URLs are fine.

* 6. Can we contact you with further Growstuff-related communications? We won't spam you, but it'd be nice to be able to follow up (especially if you left us juicy answers). If so, what's your email address?

* 7. Anything else you want to say?

Thanks for your time! If you're interested in finding out more about Growstuff, check out the information at http://wiki.growstuff.org/ and join our mailing list.