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Apply to join an exclusive group of crafting individuals whose business is creation!

Rules & Regulations for the OnTarget Community
1.  It’s like Fort Knox on the outside and Utopia on the inside – what happens here stays here.  Since confidentiality is a cornerstone to making this board a success, anyone caught exposing what happens on this board to the outside world will be immediately deleted from the membership roll -forfeiting all prepaid payment- and kicked out permanently. 

2.  The Golden Rule rules.

3.  We are a community of professionals.  If you discover another to collaborate with here, that’s wonderful!  Feel free to use a private chat to facilitate your collaboration.  However, this is a platform only: this board and its members are in no way responsible for the private dealings between individuals that occurs on this board.  Always use your common sense.  Contract isn’t a bad word, but this board does not provide escrow or commercial services.  You’ll also want to keep a private off site file as this platform’s storage capabilities are limited.

4.  Disclaimer: this board & its administration is not responsible for the views or comments expressed by its members.

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* 1. Personal Information

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* 2. How long have your been a professional in the yarn industry?  If a designer, how many patterns have you published to date?

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* 3. What benefits do you hope to receive as a member of the OnTarget group for professionals in the yarn industry?

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* 4. What assets will you bring to the OnTarget group for professionals in the yarn industry?

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* 5. Who referred you? (name of person or if you saw an ad, type the name of the website where you saw it)

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* 7. Rules & Regulations (posted in application header above)

What happens next?
After you hit submit, you're done!  The form automatically redirects to surveymonkey's homepage and you may close out the website.  
Over the couple of days, your application will be reviewed.  Then you will receive an email from OnTargetCommunity@gmail.com.
If accepted your email will include a Paypal subscribe button.  Following payment, you'll receive login credentials to the slack site (www.slack.com).
Or if more information is needed in order to make an assessment or if rejected, the email will reflect that.