Feedback and Suggestions

Please help us to understand your requirements for a DMN solution that is provided in the cloud. Based on your feedback, we will improve this offering.

* 1. Let's assume you plan to use DMN for decision automation, and you're looking at the options below. How would you rate each option for your use case?

  Mandatory Preferred Nice to Have Not needed
The DMN technology is provided in the cloud, as a service.
I can operate the DMN technology in the cloud, but do it myself (e.g. set it up on AWS).
I can operate the DMN technology on premise.

* 2. How do you rate the existing features?

  Awesome Pretty Good OK I don't care
Create, test and deploy DMN tables via browser
Execute DMN tables via REST API
Edit and Redeploy DMN tables via browser
Inspect DMN table executions and statistics

* 3. Which features or aspects are currently missing?

  I must have it I'd love to have it I'd like it, but can do without I don't need it at all
User / Workspace Management
Decision Requirements Diagrams (DRD)
Usability Improvements in the Table Editor
More Examples for better understanding DMN
Better Support for specific client languages (e.g. SDK)
Guarantees for Availability
Guarantees for Data Protection
Active Maintenance (Bugfixing and Feature Developement)

* 4. Given your use case, how much would you or your organization be willing to pay for a DMN as a Service - offering that meets your requirements?

* 5. Could we contact you to discuss your requirements and potential solutions?