Section 1 The PCA is a component organization of Mid-Pacific Institute, a Hawaii nonprofit
corporation (“School.”) The PCA shall at all times be subject to the control of the School as to the PCA’s policies, activities, and destination of funds and
shall be operated as an integral part of the School.
Section 2 The purpose of the PCA shall be to support the educational programs of and enrich the overall campus environment of the School.
Section 1 The goals and objectives of the PCA are to:
1. Provide informational activities pertinent to concerns and interests of the School community.
2. Promote clear communication among the School community.
3. Assist in supporting School activities.
4. Recognize students and faculty for their accomplishments.
5. Provide financial support for specific programs, activities or items which benefit the educational programs or enrich the overall campus environment of the School subject, however, to School Administration’s prior approval.
6. Participate in building relationships between the School and the community.
Section 1 Membership in the PCA shall be voluntary and shall consist of all parents/guardians of School students enrolled during each academic year (not including the summer session) and all members of the School’s faculty and
School administration.
Section 1 A Board of Directors shall manage and direct the affairs of the PCA and shall consist of the following persons:
Amended and Restated By-Laws
Parent – Community Association (PCA)

Vice President
PS/E School Representative
MS School Representative
HS School Representative
PS/E School Principal
MS School Principal
HS School Principal
The Officers of the Board of Directors shall be a president, a Vice President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. The officers shall perform duties as prescribed by these By-Laws.
Section 2 The President shall serve as Chairperson of the Board of Directors and shall preside at all regular and special meetings of the PCA. The President functions as the primary liaison between the PCA and the School Administration. As used in these By-Laws, the term “School Administration” includes the School’s President, Vice-President for Institutional Advancement, the Controller, and the HS Principal, MS Principal, and PS/E Principal.
Section 3 The Vice President shall assist the President in all PCA activities and may represent the PCA at School meetings and activities in the President’s absence.
Section 4 The Treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance of the PCA’s financial records, receipts, and disbursement of all PCA funds working in conjunction with
the School’s Controller. The Treasurer shall present a draft of a budget for review at the first monthly meeting of the academic school year, and shall present a monthly written financial report of receipts, expenditures, and budget variances.
Section 5 The Secretary shall put in order all meeting minutes and publish them to Edline.
The Secretary shall print and make available copies of the prior month’s minutes at each regular meeting, maintain a PCA binder containing all records pertaining to PCA activities (current By-Laws, meeting agenda and minutes, financial reports, etc.), and publish to the MPI community a program of scheduled events and activities annually on Edline and the MPI website.
Section 6 The PCA High (HS), Middle (MS), and Pre-K & Elementary (PS/E) School Representatives shall be the link between PCA and students/teachers in the classroom. They will communicate to and coordinate assistance from their
respective schools in support of various PCA and school activities.
Section 7 The School Faculty and School Administration shall be represented at PCA meetings by the School Principals.

Excerpt from the PCA Bylaws. Full document can be found under Edline/PCA/links