Business (not) as usual - Michel Bauwens: Bursary Support

Business (not) as usual … Key Speaker: International Guest:  Michel Bauwens.

New terminology has entered our business and community environment.  The sharing economy, collaborative consumption, gig economy & peer economy and they all have a common definition - they refer to a hybrid market model of peer-to-peer (person to person) exchange where transactions are facilitated via online services. These venture are also known as “disruptive innovation” where the disruptor creates a new market network by challenging and disrupting an existing market and value network. However, by displacing an established market, leading firms, products and alliances are these businesses disruptive or destructive and extractive, particularly in terms of employment, social capital and community engagement.

Business (not) as Usual will focus on the Economic challenges for community business and enterprises to look at the Peer to Peer, Platform Cooperatives and Social Enterprise to deliver income generating services that are owned by the consumer and the supplier jointly.

Via the generosity of several individual & organisations through their ticket Bursary purchase and the project partners (Western Sydney Community Forum, Parramatta City, Mercury Cooperative & Social Enterprise Service free registrations are available to individuals (and individuals representing organisations) who are need to be part of the Seminar but may not have the resources to attend.   

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