FL QPI "Just in Time" Training  Caregivers Survey 2017

Help us help you! We want your feedback on our website! Is it easy to use? Are there training topics you need and would like to see? Are there other resources or features you would like to see? 

* 1. Do you find the QPI "Just in Time" Training website easy to use?

* 2. Do you find our Training Videos helpful as a caregiver?

* 3. Have you ever used our QPI Mythbusters or FAQ to submit a question about practice or policy?

* 4. Have you used our website to access forms, documents or resources other than training videos?

* 5. Are there any training topics that you need or would like to see added to our library? Please provide details.

* 6. Please provide us with any additional information that will make our website and training service more useful.

* 7. Are you a:

* 8. Please provide your contact info (Name, email address and/or phone number) for us to contact you if you have made a specific training request.