Before the pandemic, the Rotary 21 Vaccinations Committee organized volunteers who helped out at Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) school vaccination clinics. SRHD has resumed these after-school clinics to help increase our region's childhood vaccination rates for school-aged children, which is also our committee's focus.

Rotary volunteers can do the tasks with the training they receive on the day of the event; volunteers do not do anything medical. Our objective is to make the clinic's reputation for being orderly and pleasant, and thereby encourage parents to bring their kids; we also demonstrate to students that we care about them. We help direct patrons where to go, hand out information forms, encourage parents and comfort kids, and provide snacks and activities for kids while waiting for their vaccination regimen to be prepared. It's a fun way to spend time with fellow Rotarians and help our community.

For future clinics, volunteers will be required to wear masks. SRHD wants all volunteers to be fully vaccinated, which is defined as having had a full Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J regimen; boosters are not required to be "fully vaccinated." SRHD will not check volunteers' vaccination cards.

This survey is to find out if enough Rotary 21 members will volunteer for clinics, and also to learn if COVID has changed the club's appetite for this service.

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* 1. Please select the option below that applies to you BEST. Your selection does not obligate you to volunteer for a specific clinic.

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* 2. Please add any comments you may have in the box below. Your remarks will be anonymous unless you add your name. If you'd like to help at an upcoming event please leave your name here and the committee will be in touch!