Hughes Europe Active Power Edge

1.How critical is network continuity for your business operations?
2.Have you experienced network interruptions affecting your business in the past 12 months?
3.Considering the automatic reboot functionality of the Active Power Edge, how appealing is the prospect of minimising manual troubleshooting for network issues in your organisation?
4.How likely are you to implement a solution (or product) like the Hughes Active Power Edge to reduce customer support calls related to network issues?
5.How do you currently monitor the LAN or WAN performance of your critical network equipment?
6.Considering the features such as power usage monitoring and speed tests on remote networks, how valuable would these capabilities be for your organisation?
7.What would be a reasonable monthly budget for a solution like the Hughes Active Power Edge, considering its features and potential impact on your business operations?
8.Do you have any specific features or services you would like to see in a network management solution like the Active Power Edge?
9.Are there any concerns or hesitations you have regarding the adoption of a solution like the Active Power Edge?
10.The Active Power Edge aims to reduce the need for on-site visits, thereby potentially lowering CO2 emissions. How important is sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions in your decision to implement network management solutions like the Active Power Edge?