Welcome to the Guide Your Money Foundations Program Review survey

11% of survey complete.
Thank you for participating in this survey. Your review of your Guide unit's Foundations program experience will provide Girl Guides Australia with valuable evidence to support the design of non-formal learning programs. It also provides evidence for earning a Guide Your Money badge.
What is this review survey about?
During your unit's participation in the Guide Your Money program, you completed evaluation worksheets for each topic. You will need to refer to those worksheets to complete this review survey. 
This survey should only take 10-15 minutes to complete. 

Do I have to take part?
Your participation in this review is required and will provide the necessary evidence for girls in your unit to earn a Guide Your Money badge.Once you have completed the survey, the final page validation must be submitted to your State Program Manager with the Record of Participation, giving the number and names of girls who have earned a Guide Your Money badge. Girl Guides Australia encourages you to take part to ensure that future program development is as effective as it can be.

Who is running the review survey?
The evaluation is being undertaken internally by Girl Guides Australia, with the support of independent consultants Rooftop Social.

What will happen to my information?
Your survey answers are confidential. Only collated summary information will be used in reports by Girl Guides Australia. 

For more information about the survey or the program contact:

Girl Guides Australia
Email: admin@girlguides.org.au