Products and Services Used to Solve Problems

This survey is not associated with, or assisted by, IBM Corporation, nor is it conducted by a single vendor.  We're trying to eliminate bias to make this as accurate as possible.

A few other points:  

1. All of the questions are optional
2. Survey takes less than 5 (five) minutes to complete
3. You can change your answers as things change at your company.
4. Results are updated daily at to maintain accuracy. 

Our goal is to give decision-makers an unbiased starting point when doing their due diligence in search of a solution, a starting point that lets them take advantage of the due diligence which was already done by other companies looking for a solution to the same problem.  Getting thousands of responses instead of hundreds will help prevent a skewing of the results, as will not having the survey sponsored by any particular vendor.

* 1. Who did you get your graphical user interface (GUI) product from?

* 2. Who did you get your security product from?

* 3. Who did you get your change management product from?

* 4. What ERP package are you using?

* 5. What do you use for system automation?

* 6. What do you use for job scheduling?

* 7. What native IBM 'i'- based software or SaaS provides you with credit card processing?

* 8. What do you utilize for IBM i backups?

* 9. Which product do you use for high availability  and disaster recovery (HA/DR)?

* 10. What cloud hosting company do you use?

* 11. What consulting company have you been the most satisfied with?

* 12. What industry is your company in?

* 13. What is the name of your company?  (Confidential and Optional)

* 14. What programming languages are being used in your IT Dept?

* 15. Are you using DDS, DDL or SQL (Create Table)?

* 16. What IDE are you using, ADTS (SEU, PDM, etc..) or RDi?

* 17. Regardless of your operating system or hardware, what do most of your users call the system?

* 18. Regardless of your operating system or hardware, what does the person with the highest title in your company (CEO, Owner, President, etc..) call the system?

* 19. What is the oldest version of the operating system you're using in Production?

* 20. What is the newest version of the operating system you're using in Production?

* 21. Did your company migrate from some other platform to the IBM i (AS400)?

* 22. Does your company plan to completely migrate off of the platform?

* 23. Which single conference would you suggest a company on a limited budget attend (anywhere in the world)?

* 24. If you are willing to act as a reference (pro or con) for any IBM i product or service, please enter your contact info below.  Also, please enter the product(s) you can be a reference for.

* 25. How many employees does your company have (roughly)?