Introduction and Presenter Acceptance

The Association is seeking presentations for the upcoming School Safety and Security Workshop Event to be held in JUNE 27 & 28, 2019 • FARMINGTON, UTAH

Public education is being scrutinized today. Safety for school children has the nation’s attention. Every aspect of educational safety and security is under review and school districts are contemplating best practices to employ to safeguard both students and staff.

This School Safety and Security Workshop Event will take a deeper dive into the issues related to school safety and security as well as the short/ long term solutions that are being developed by numerous entities impacting the education sector. 

We invite potential speakers to submit presentations of solutions that are being employed by school districts around the country.  These solutions should include aspects of all or some of the following topics:

·       School Facilities: including facilities assessment tools, site planning, CPTED principles utilized, and school design measures taken

·       Policy and Procedures: demonstrate unique board policy solutions and the procedures employed to enforce them

·       Preparedness and Response:  describe measures adopted to prepare and respond to emergency situations

·       Educators, Students, and the Community: Share unique programs for educators, students and community such as mental health initiatives, reporting programs, behavioral health and wellness programs, etc. and design issues related to the implementation of these.

Please note the sessions are to be educational in nature. Sales, product, or marketing presentations will not be accepted.

Call for Presentations Closes: April 16th

Presenter Acceptance

Each speaker, including all co-speakers agree to the terms below when submitting a presentation. 

I will participate in this program and understand my submission indicates my commitment to participate, my permission for A4LE and its agents to use my name and to reproduce and distribute all or selected portions of my presentation in printed, audio video or electronic format. I hereby waive all right of payment for this license. 

I further agree to register and pay for the conference and to notify any co-presenters of this same obligation. 

I understand that A4LE will provide a projector, screen, microphone, and speakers and one flip chart (upon request only) for the room. I further understand that I am required to supply a laptop or device with applicable adapters to run my presentation. 

Additional equipment needs must be submitted and will be at my expense. The Association for Learning Environments will make every effort to accommodate special requests; however, we do not guarantee it. I also understand there is a charge for a room change, additional equipment and that if I change the room from the original set up the charge will be at my personal expense.