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Last week, we learned positive reports from pharmaceutical companies and public officials about the development of vaccines for COVID-19. While we have not yet seen or had the opportunity to review the phase-3 results, we believe that production of vaccines for essential workers is likely to start soon.

We want to hear your thoughts and opinions about the potential COVID-19 vaccines before we begin bargaining with employers about policies related to expectations or requirements surrounding a potential COVID-19 vaccine. Please take 5 minutes to help us learn your thoughts and opinions about this important and timely topic for healthcare workers.

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* 1. If a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available for healthcare workers and is recommended as safe and effective by public health authorities, how likely are you to voluntarily sign up for the vaccine?

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* 2. If a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available for healthcare workers, what information would you want to know before you would voluntarily decide to sign up for vaccination? (check all that apply)

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* 3. Do you believe that healthcare workers should voluntarily choose whether they get a COVID-19 vaccine or do you believe that all healthcare workers should be required to get a vaccine?

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* 4. What else should our Union consider as we discuss this important health and safety topic with healthcare employers and government officials in Minnesota?

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* 5. Which healthcare setting do you work in?

Thank you for completing this survey!

Your input is important in helping Union leaders understand the interests of our membership on the topic of potential COVID-19 vaccines for healthcare workers. We will report back the results of our survey and any progress related to discussions with employers and government officials on the topic of COVID-19 vaccines.

In Solidarity,

Jamie Gulley
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