* 1. Did you know you are automatically a member of the Benedictine University Alumni Association upon graduation?

* 2. Are you aware that you are entitled to current benefits like: Discounted home/auto insurance policies through Liberty Mutual, Free Access to the Virtual Career Center, Free Access to the Harris Online Community, Discount at the Barnes and Nobles bookstore on campus, On-Campus Library Access, Discount at Budget Rent-a-Car, Discount from USI Affinity for Short-Term major medical coverage, and Free Access to Online Webinars?

* 3. Are you interested in receiving more benefits?

* 4. In order to gather information* please rank the below benefits that you are interested in possibly adding to the benefits you are already entitled to above:

* 5. Please provide a suggestion that you don’t see above:

* 6. Most Universities have an alumni association fee. As our University continues to grow and expand, We will continue to explore new and better benefits, are you willing to pay for these benefits?