I Could Use Your Wisdom...

If you'll please take a couple minutes to answer these five questions I would appreciate it. I'm not asking for names or email address - just your thoughts and opinions.

My goal is to create the best and most relevant coaching packages, blog posts and MasterMind programs. Your answers will help me better support women in business. Thank you so very much!!!

~ Sharon Michaels

* 1. Is there something in your business you're not accomplishing that a coach could motivate or show you how to accomplish?

* 2. What areas (personal or professional) do you feel weakest in that a coach could support and guide you to improve?

* 3. Are you as successful as you want to be or believe you should be? If not, what could a coach do to support you in achieving greater success?

* 4. What do you believe is holding you back in your business?

* 5. What one thing you haven't been able to achieve on your own that if you achieved within the next three months would improve your happiness or success or finances or health, etc.? How could a coach support you in achieving it?