Have you ever wanted a fun and effective way to help a child in your life work on his or her patience, sharing, or other virtues?

We searched for concrete ways to help our children develop their cooperation, friendliness, and more, and were thrilled to find an idea that we tried at home with great success. Our family’s homemade "Virtues Tree" infused such positive spirit into our home that we have designed one as a new Tender Sapling product and would love your feedback!

The Tender Sapling Virtues Tree is a watercolor art print designed to enhance the beauty of your home (or classroom) and help transform the hearts that fill it. This poster-sized commissioned artwork comes with a sheet of 12 fruits representing virtues, including the Kindness Kumquat, Patience Pear, and Responsibility Raspberry. Kids can cut out and paste the fruits onto the tree at the beginning or end of a period of learning about and practicing each virtue. The Virtues Tree also comes with the same 12 fruits in black and white for the child that likes to color his or her own and a 2-page mini-guide with suggested ways to use it.

We are also writing a Virtues Tree e-book that is full of detailed activities and resources for each virtue to make your family’s (or classroom's) Virtues Tree experience fun and rewarding. We are drawing on years of experience teaching and designing curricula for children in the classroom and at home to offer what we think will be an indispensable add-on to the Virtues Tree. Or, for families who wish to create their own Virtues Tree from scratch, it can be a stand-alone resource.

What do you think? Here are low-resolution photos of the Virtues Tree print and the 12 Virtues Fruits. (It will be much sharper and the Tender Sapling watermark will be removed.)

Please complete these 6 questions to help shape the Virtues Tree into something special! Be sure to make it to the end for instructions to enter the $25 gift card giveaway for completing this survey. Thank you!

Virtues Tree (22" x 28") - You can see a little larger & crisper image here: http://blog.tendersapling.com/

Virtues Tree (22" x 28") - You can see a little larger & crisper image here: http://blog.tendersapling.com/

Virtues Fruits (8.5" x 11", color)

Virtues Fruits (8.5" x 11", color)

Virtues Fruits (8.5" x 11", black & white)

Virtues Fruits (8.5" x 11", black & white)

* 1. Do you like the Tender Sapling Virtues Tree?

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Overall Idea
Planned e-book

* 2. What do you think would be a fair price for the Virtues Tree? (includes full-color 22”x28” artwork, 12 color fruits, 12 black-and-white fruits, and mini-guide – all printed on high-quality 100% recycled paper) Prices in US dollars.

* 3. The Virtues Tree e-book, sold separately, will feature specific hands-on activities and resources to make learning about each virtue easy and fun. It will include practical tips for using the Virtues Tree, dozens of activities, games, and recipes using the fruits, as well as printable progress charts, book recommendations, and more. What do you think would be a fair price in US$ for the e-book?

* 4. We are planning to launch the Virtues Tree with a Kickstarter campaign*. Would you be interested to pledge to support this via Kickstarter? (Check any that you'd consider.)

* Kickstarter is a website that allows new ideas to be funded by supporters – “crowdfunding” – in return for certain benefits. For example, if we meet our fundraising goal, anyone who made a $49 pledge of support would receive a Virtues Tree with both sets of color and b&w fruits, plus the mini-guide. It’s an all-or-nothing model (ie. if we don't reach our funding goal, the project doesn't get a penny), so we want to see how much interest there is in the Virtues Tree before we finalize design of our Kickstarter campaign. Reading Rainbow recently used Kickstarter to raise over $5 million to expand its reach to children and classrooms.

Again, would you consider pledging to support the Virtues Tree via Kickstarter in exchange for a reward? (This is *not* an actual pledge, but just to give us an idea of potential interest. Shipping each product in the US is free & outside the US will be $10-15 extra. Check any of these preliminary pledge levels that you'd consider.)

* 5. May we consider you a likely pledger for our proposed Kickstarter campaign? If yes, please provide your email address here so we can send you a few exclusive pre-Kickstarter emails so you can shape this project further and help us launch it. ☺ (If you want to remain anonymous on this survey, just email us at theteam@tendersapling.com and let us know you want to be added to our Kickstarter email list.)

* 6. There are several associated products we would like to eventually introduce if there is enough demand. Which do you think your family would be most interested in? (Check all that apply.)