Thank you for your interest in the Urban Vision Servant Leadership Scholarship Fund!
The Fund provides a limited number of merit-based scholarships to high school graduating seniors for pursuit of study at an educational institution, with opportunity for renewal for subsequent years of study.
The purpose of the UV Servant Leader Scholarship Fund
is to revitalize our community by helping today's North Hill teens
develop into tomorrow's North Hill leaders.
The initially awarded amount varies from student to student, based on:
     1) Cumulative High School GPA and ACT/SAT scores;
     2) Part-time or full-time enrollment in an educational institution; and
     3) Involvement in servant leadership at Urban Vision and/or North Side Open Door Church.
The awarded amount for the school year will be divided between the semesters of study for that year, with the appropriate amount released per semester.

There are two types of award: tuition and book/supply. The default award is a tuition scholarship, which is applied to the student's tuition as well as other university fees. Students whose tuition is covered by other scholarships may choose instead to receive a book & supply scholarship, converted at one-fifth of the value of the tuition awarded (e.g. a $1,000 tuition scholarship may be converted to a $200 book & supply scholarship). For either award, the amount granted is not to exceed the total amount due.

This application is NOT COMPLETE without the following:
1. Documentation verifying the student's ACT and/or SAT scores
2. Proof of the student's college enrollment
3. Official copy of the student's final high school transcript
The above materials must be submitted to Urban Vision at 749 Blaine Ave. Akron, OH 44310.
If desired, two (2) Letters of Recommendation may be submitted with the above materials.

The deadline for this application AND the above materials (documentation of GPA, test scores, and enrollment) is July 31, 2018. Applications after this date will not be considered.

After the application is reviewed, applicants will be contacted to come in to Urban Vision for a short interview.

Please Note: If your application is approved, additional information will be required before scholarship funds are released, including your Social Security Number and documentation of your upcoming class schedule. Your tuition/book bill may also be required.
If you have any questions about this application, please contact Rodney or Evie at 330-762-1163.