Pre-registration Interest Form

Please complete and submit this form which may take about 10 minutes to complete. Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) will begin pre-screening for the 2019 Showcase of Achievement Schools Teacher Hiring Event scheduled for November 18, 2019. 

During the event on November 18, candidates who are invited will have the opportunity to interview and be hired for teaching positions in the district.

We will use the information provided on this form and on your employment application to determine if you are eligible to receive an invitation to attend. An "Active" application with the district does not guarantee participation in the event. HCPS hires throughout the year, so attendance at this event is not required.

The showcase event is a one-time, special event designed for hiring the most qualified candidates. We encourage all persons with "Active" applications to upload documents, including but not limited to their resume, most recent summative evaluations/ observations, and reference letters to their online employment application.

Minimum requirements to be invited to the Showcase of Achievement Schools event include:

1. Have an “Active” application with the school district by November 13, 2019. Be sure you have uploaded a copy of your resume into the district's online application system.

2. Teaching certification must cover the 2019-2020 school year and meet our requirements.
     *Must be willing to teach ESE (special needs), math, English, science, elementary, and/or reading.
     *Have taken and passed the subject area exam for elementary. 
     * Are eligible for a temporary teaching certificate for teaching positions in middle or high school
     *Currently possess an out-of-state teaching certification that is recognized by the state of Florida.
     *Current support employees' profiles must reflect eligibility for certification.
 3. Additional certification requirements may be requested by the Office of Teacher Recruitment.

4. Reference rating forms results must be in the range of “Above Average (3)" to "Superior (5)” AND must include your current supervisor/ manager.

5. Receive a Teacher Fit score between 4 and 9.

***All "Active" applications must contain any requested documents to be considered for an invitation. Any applications without the necessary documents will be denied.