Tell us what you use chemistry software for

There are lots of reasons for drawing chemical structure diagrams: we want to know what you do with molecular software. Our ultimate goal at Molecular Materials Informatics is to make sure that all of your regular workflow activities work just as well on mobile devices (phones & tablets) as they do on regular computers (desktops & laptops).

1. How often do you draw chemical structures for presentation purposes? (e.g. manuscripts, seminars, reports, homework, etc.)

2. Do you use structure drawing software for preparing laboratory notebook entries?

3. If you search chemical databases by drawing a chemical structure as a query, indicate which kinds of interfaces you use

4. Do you draw chemical structures in order to calculate properties, e.g. log P, melting point, etc.

5. Do you draw structures for submission to a registration or inventory system?

6. Do you draw structures for inclusion in a collection, e.g. preparing a list of molecules for a table of figures, or structure-activity data

7. Do you use structure drawing as input for modelling packages, e.g. docking, pharmacophore queries, quantum chemistry

8. Do you use online collaboration tools for sharing structures (or collections of structures) with coworkers?

9. Do you use mobile devices for structure drawing?